We’re not the only country where CBD is all the rage. On the other side of the pond, CBD is also exploding in popularity.  One of these fans appears to be none other than Camilia Parker Bowles. (If you’re thinking, “Who the f*ck is that?” It’s Prince Charles’ second wife.) 

Apparently, Camilia was at a farmer’s market munching on all the free samples. (I like this chick already.) When she came across a vendor selling CBD, she basically said she heard fantastic things about CBD. 

Parker Bowles asked how it’s made and said, “This oil is so fantastic. It helps so many people. I’ve spoken to people who have serious conditions such as epilepsy that have benefited from it.


Uh huh. We know, Camilia. It’s like, “I have this friend…” Maybe our next ad should say, “Try Roo, and you can feel like royalty.”

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