This story is fucking hilarious.  The NYPD tweeted about 106 pounds of marijuana they had seized as part of some “precision policing and relentless follow up”.  The tweet was accompanied by a picture of two cops trying to look boss while posing with dozens of bags of “contraband”. It appears that they had Super Troopers on the job because the shipment was actually legally grown hemp that was on its way to a CBD shop.  The paperwork for the hemp was included within each box of the shipment. Precise work, boys.

The NYPD 75th Precinct took to Twitter on Tuesday to brag about 106 pounds of marijuana it seized from a delivery “destined for our city streets.” One problem: That “marijuana” turned out actually to be legally-grown hemp from licensed Vermont farmers, bound for a CBD store in Brooklyn. The hemp contained no significant level of the THC component that gives cannabis its narcotic effects.

CBS 2 New York

For the NYPD’s benefit, hemp and marijuana come from the same Cannabis plant family.  Legally, hemp must contain less than .3% THC, and marijuana contains more than .3% THC.  The 2018 Farm Bill made growing hemp legal. So while this shit looks the same, it’s so great to see our tax dollars so very hard at work.